The Making the Most of Masters project ended in 2016. This website is no longer updated, but it is available here as an archive.

Planning Your WBP

Planning Your Work Based Project: An Example Timeline

The dates on this timeline are here to serve as an example or rough guide. Each institution and Masters programme will have a preferred timeline. Please check your programme for details.

Sep - Dec

Consider doing a work based project

  • Most programmes will require a CV, and some a covering letter and interview. Prepare by consulting with your local careers service.

Dec - Feb

Recruitment to work based projects

  • Use education resources which may be available online via your university virtual learning environment.
  • Update and tailor your CV for specific applications and consider attending a mock interview with your local careers service.
  • Attend any programme specific events.
  • Undertake background research about host organisations.
  • Apply for projects.
  • Prepare and submit applications using programme specific guidelines.

Jan - April

Project allocation

Feb - May

Start and complete your work based project

  • Seek out ways of being enterprising, using your initiative, being assertive and networking.
  • Ensure outcomes agreed in Project Agreement are completed.
  • Complete any evaluations requested.
  • Thank the organisation and any other stakeholders/supporters.

Disclaimer: This toolkit has been developed based on the advice and guidance available at the time of publishing. Users of the toolkit should ensure that they are familiar with guidance and regulations in their own institution at that time. All resources can, and indeed should be tailored to meet the requirements of individual student groups. Your local Careers Service may be able to provide advice and guidance on this. Where material is adapted due credit should be given to the original authors, ie. Making the Most of Masters, by either maintaining the name, logos and watermarks or alternatively, by using the following text:

"This material has been adapted from resources produced by the Making the Most of Masters Project."