The Making the Most of Masters project ended in 2016. This website is no longer updated, but it is available here as an archive.

WBP Staff

This information is intended for use by those involved in implementing Work Based Projects (WBPs) in a taught postgraduate programme (although many of the principles are applicable to any academic programme), and has been designed around five key stages:

  • Resources for Engaging
  • Linking employer organisations and students
  • Project preparation
  • During the project
  • Evaluation of Work Based Projects

This guide has been put together as part of the Making the Most of Masters (MMM) initiative and adheres to the relevant sections of The UK Quality Code for Higher Education published by the QAA[1]. It also follows the ASET[2] code of Good Practice for Work Based and Placement Learning in Higher Education.

It is intended as a guidance document to facilitate the organisation and delivery of WBPs. It can also be used as a reference point to ensure that appropriate steps are being taken in regards to best practice and quality assurance.

The ‘Key Stages of a typical WBP’ diagram highlights the five key phases in the WBP process and the resources available for your use. These resources have been developed with a high degree of flexibility through the use of skeleton documents that can be tailored to individuals needs. This includes different modes of delivery (e.g. online versus face to face) and a ‘pick and mix’ approach to content.

[1] QAA: The UK Quality Code for Higher Education Chapters of particular relevance are B3: Learning and Teaching, B4 Enabling student development and achievement and B10: Managing Higher Education provision with others.

[2] A Good Practice Guide for Placement and Other Work-Based Learning Opportunities in Higher Education, September 2013.

Disclaimer: This toolkit has been developed based on the advice and guidance available at the time of publishing. Users of the toolkit should ensure that they are familiar with guidance and regulations in their own institution at that time. All resources can, and indeed should be tailored to meet the requirements of individual student groups. Your local Careers Service may be able to provide advice and guidance on this. Where material is adapted due credit should be given to the original authors, ie. Making the Most of Masters, by either maintaining the name, logos and watermarks or alternatively, by using the following text:

"This material has been adapted from resources produced by the Making the Most of Masters Project."