The Making the Most of Masters project ended in 2016. This website is no longer updated, but it is available here as an archive.


  1. Making the Most of Masters Case Study Publication 2017
  2. Academic motivations for supervision of work-based learning to enhance transition and employability
  3. Making the Most of Masters: An innovative approach to employer engagement in Higher Education Institutes in Scotland‌‌
  4. The Right Combination
  5. Graduate Labour Market Statistics
  6. The Innovation Edge
  7. Graduate Market Trends 2016‌
  8. Good Practice Guide: Developing and Acquiring Employability Skills, Competencies and Attitudes At Postgraduate Taught STEM Level Through Collaboration
  9. Widening and sustaining postgraduate taught (PGT) STEM study in the UK
  10. Eastbio PIPS Student Guide
  11. State of the Relationship Report 2016
  12. Mixing Decks: Frameworks for Master's Scholarship
  13. Making the Most of Masters: Supporting work-based transitions at three institutions
  14. MMM final report
  15. Economic Impact of Making the Most of Masters
  16. Enhancing employability through enterprise education: examples of good practice in higher education
  17. Embedding Work Based Projects in Masters Education: Making the Most of Masters Toolkit
  18. External summative evaluation of an investment in Learning to Work 2
  19. Learning from International Practice: the Taught Postgraduate Student Experience
  20. A Toolkit for Work Based Projects - does one size fit all?
  21. Sourcing Taught Postgraduate Work Based Projects
  22. Supporting Masters Students Entering the Workplace
  23. Learning from Futuretrack: The Impact of Work Experiences on Higher Education Student Outcomes
  24. What is Mastersness?
  25. Response to HEC Postgraduate Education Inquiry
  26. Making the Most of Masters in Graduate Market Trends
  27. Master's degree characteristics